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Twiddling thumbs is a fool's pastime, heh.

"For the Moment"

For a moment, I forgot it all.
I felt like letting go. I did.
The world around me slowed.
The wheel of life had come to a halt.
What in this mind should be so forbidden?
One cannot say at this time.
Friends of old passing now.
Moving on and growing old.
Weary with the cares of every day.
We suffer, you see.
Attached. Dear to eachother.
Ties begin to break- others mend.
Becoming ally to the foe.
Not knowing what lies beyond this bend.
Who knows what time will bring?
Broken hearts, undying friendships...
For a moment this world lay still.
Frozen in thought without any cares.
Ceasing to exist for but one moment.
Let this come to an end.
Set the wheel in its endless motion.
Fear the unlived life.
I cannot do this on my own.
And shall never again until I've let go.
And so I have- for the moment.

--poem by me :P
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