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A Poh-ehm.


the storm begins
its rolls of fog arouse
the waves; they come ashore
and they whet the appetite
of the barren rocky coastlines
to give up what lies upon them,
the shacks and the plants and
everything in between

it reaches the mountains
clad in their coats of green
the table-like tops
barren-- like the coastline
forced to relinquish its
property of trees and towers
within the rain and the wind
but standing
defiant all the while
as the storm pounds, pounds
into oblivion

a house stands there
caught between
the storm's fearsome might
and the mountains
in their stubborn stance
unable to resist
the power of the wind
it fails, a wreck
only to be remembered
within the lore of this place
and within the pages of our own
sad, stormy memories

okay, I wrote that AGES ago.
And now I shleep.
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