nirvanablue (nirvanablue) wrote in anorgyofvowels,

let me know what you think ...

i'm new and i have a ton of things to post in here so i will make

sometimes i let
the vines strangle my thoughts
of where they began
where we did

n't do anything insignificant
or ugly
in the least
but managed to de

compose intricate lies
displacement of blame
burden someone else's shoulders
for awhile

that wasn't what i meant
fuck, wasn't even what i said
let's just talk about it
(good luck, honey
ain't no one gonna listen this time)
put on my face
forehead first
through the door swings
mr. complicated
mr. too good for me
(in the most literal sense)
gee mister, that's too bad
who'da thunk it
could end
cause i didn't even see it begin
but for the pauses
at my mouth
that never seemed to
mean much
mister, i don't blame you
for throwing it all away
i did the same thing
looking in that mirror
every day
and wondering
whose eyes you were
lightin' up tonight
'cause they sure weren't mine
and we've all got to
get a little
now i'm not sayin' nothin', mister
just here to shine yer shoes
but there is my reflection, mister
polish away those scuffs
lace 'em up tight
always looking at my own
sad face
in other peoples' shoes
(Mother: "it's not polite to stare")
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